SumTech is a manufacturer of air conditioner parts . Available with air conditioning, large industry. office building And air conditioning, general , home based small . Sumtech own branded products that are popular , such as room thermostat Standard Model ST-02 product innovations. ST-05RF and protective equipment air conditioning compressor damage PP-02 and PM-05 , etc. 
   In addition, the Samsung Tech also offers new product is a light switch can wirelessly control the on / off in the distance comfort with contemporary truly wireless as switching lights RC3 and receiver. P1T signal A wireless light switch . Whose function Soft Turn On / Off and Dimmer in the example.
   SumTech aims to design a product that can be manufactured in Thailand. To replace imports from abroad. In particular, the industry has poured technology components. With knowledge of the team and work experience of the past. Currently the company has a product designed and manufactured in Thailand by Thailand. To meet the needs of many customers. We focus on developing products to quality is recognized by customers. The team of engineers dedicated to work. Design and improvement of product quality , enabling us to carry forward steadily and to this day. And we have continued to develop steadily.
Continuous Development for HVAC and Electrical Products with Reponsibility to Customer, Society and Environment.

Business Philosophy

Step forward for the best customer service.

Management and Business Policy

1. Customer Satisfaction
2. Continuous Products Development
3. After Sales Service
4. Society and Environment responsibility